Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Swing Shot v1.0.4

Pick up the gauntlet; repair the worst offenses. Explore your ninja finger ability. Sharpen your eyesight. This is not a mere game. 'Swing-shoot' your opponents to oblivion, and come out victorious, the ultimate top monkey-panda-sloth of the jungle!

Have you ever wanted to throw a beehive at a monkey ? Make a sloth fall down with a pineapple ? Wonder what sound they'd make ? Do you miss being the sling-shot king of the neighborhood ? Satisfy those inner desires and make them reality. For added contentedness, all of it is real-time ! Try out your hand at an all-new network battle in Swing Shot !

★ Game in English!

Also in French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

So you can throw rocks in many languages.

✔Comic and simple play!

Everyone can play: just touch & drag!

Life-like movements of the animals.

✔Exciting Network Battles through various modes !

Enjoy and good ol' fashioned row in

Be efficient, sleek and deadly in

And just get insane in

✔Unique features in Arcade Mode!

Build up your skills in the 4 worlds and 48 stages Arcade mode.

Hit the enemies hung on balloons!

Don't miss the cowards hiding behind rocks! They really deserve it.

✔Strong and dependable upgrade system

Add various animal friends and upgrade their status!

Basic monkeys, swift raccoons, sniper bears, one-shot-one-kill sloths, and the all-powerful supporter panda!

Get stronger sticks to help you withstand enemy attack longer.

What's in this version:

★1.0.4 Updates★

- Play environment improved

- Fixed other minor bugs