Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Metal Slug 3 v1.4

The legendary NEOGEO 2D action shooting masterpiece “METAL SLUG 3” heads out to Android devices! Use various weapons and slugs to fight your way through and survive on the battlefield!!

★Not only a perfect port of the original NEOGEO game!

In addition to its classic “ARCADE MODE”, this perfect conversion of “METAL SLUG 3” includes a “MISSION MODE”, allowing you to select in which stage you want to play!

You can now train yourself in your favorite stages or those which give you a hard time!

★ Command many Slug vehicles like an ace!

The Slugs are back and more colourful than ever, with Slug Mariners, Drill Slugs, and Elephant Slugs joining the original Metal Slugs and Slugnoids!!

★ Clear all routes via the branching map system!!

A branching map system allowing you to take a different route to the end with each play-through, and an immense map of endless gameplay awaits you in “METAL SLUG 3”!!

★Intense cooperative gameplay via the Bluetooth function!

"METAL SLUG 3” can be doubly enjoyed by playing with another brother-in-arms simultaneously via the Bluetooth function!

Will you be able to clear the hardest stages with your friends?

★Compatible with “OpenFeint"!

Complete the maximum number of “ACHIEVEMENTS” in order to increase your "METAL SLUG 3" Player Rank!

Beat the best scores and become World’s Number 1!!

Release note:

1. Remove previous version APK + SD Data

2. Install the APK

3. Download SD Data & copy 'com.dotemu.neogeo.mslug3' folder to '/sdcard/Android/data/'

4. Run the Game

* Currently, some players can not access their game.

* In case you can't start your game, please uninstall it and install it again.

What's in this version:

*Window Mode, allowing to set button icons outside of the game screen, has been added.

Tap the Game Settings icon, and go to “VIDEO OPTIONS” → “4:3 16:9 WINDOW” to choose among 3 display modes.

*Autofire function has been added.

Tap the Game Settings icon, go to “KEY CONFIGURATION” → “Autofire: ON:OFF” to enable or disable this feature.

Otherwise, Tap the Pause icon during gameplay, then go to

go to “KEY CONFIGURATION”→ “Autofire: ON:OFF” to enable or disable this feature.