Senin, 17 September 2012

Urban Tank Battle v0.9.11

Fight PVP tank battles in real cities. Win battles to unlock tanks and weapons.

Multiplayer Tank PvP in New York City

This multiplayer 3D tank game uses New York City as the backdrop for explosive tank PvP. Urban Tank Battle is the world's first 3D action game to be designed around real 3D map data — streets, buildings, rivers, and bridges.

The year is 2023. A war has raged for five years, transforming the world into wastelands and battlegrounds. Fight alongside your friends to form unbeatable battalions to defend the Big Apple.

Drive between the skyscrapers of the New York City, fighting from Wall Street to Central Park.

Seek enemies on your radar, and hunt them down block by block.

Upgrade your weapons, armor, engines and more.

Purchase bigger and better tanks to dominate the battlefield.

Unlock three exclusive limited edition tanks, available only before the global launch.

Note this game is still in development and only available in USA - we value your feedback to make it a better experience and allow us to release it to the rest of the world!


- Enemies shoot at you on Liberty Island

- Learn to use the satellite view before entering PvP

- Optimizations