Minggu, 30 September 2012

Global Outbreak v1.0

Defend mankind from a killer virus spreading

across the globe in this strategic and

explosive top down 3D shooter!

Use the fully 3D tactical view of the globe to

plan your strategy then control your soldiers

in epic missions throughout the world.

Welcome to Global Outbreak. You are the

head of Blackhorne Industries, the world’s

best and most trusted mercenary outfit.

The world has been hit by a lethal virus,

turning people into enraged zombie


The authorities of each city are working

hard to prevent the virus from spreading,

but you have been assigned to act quickly

and decisively before the bombs drop!

- Location Aware: The game is truly global,

and by turning on your GPS, Global Outbreak

will tailor your gaming experience around

your location.

- Soldiers: In the fight against global

annihilation people are key. Build up a

roster of elite mercenaries by levelling up

their abilities. Take them from campaign to

campaign and build an army of ultimate

warriors to fight the infection.

- Weapons: Increase your firepower by

unlocking new weapons and researching an

immense range of upgrades.

- Unique Controls: Direct your squads with

a control system designed from the ground

up for touchscreens, allowing you to play

the game with just one finger.

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