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D7 Google Reader Pro (RSS) v2.2.0 (Paid Version) Android Apk App Download

D7 Google Reader Pro (RSS) v2.2.0

Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: D7 Reader: the fastest Google Reader app for Android

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A simple, fast and powerful Google Reader client for Android, lets you to access your reading list and manage your subscriptions with ease from a native application, which is always in sync with Google Reader. It can also support listening to podcasts or downloading them for later use. Embedded videos cab be watched in-app if the device supports plugins (enable in preferences).

This is an online reader; no offline reading is supported except the saved articles and podcasts.

*** If you experience any issues with the app, please send an email to the developer. Leaving a lower rating will not give the opportunity for the dev to respond to you (also, you will possibly not change the rating back even when it's fixed) ***

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Key features
* Much faster than official Google Reader app
* No Lags what so ever
* Google username/password is NOT required
* Multiple account support; switch between accounts on the fly
* Utilizes low network traffic
* Podcast support (download/play)
* Add new subscription directly from the browser
* Search for articles (powered by Google)
* Feed discovery and subscription
* Recommended articles from Google
* Theme support (dark/light)
* (Social) Sharing support (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Read It Later, SMS and more)


* Home (dashboard)
- Quick access links to different sections of the app
- Reading list/Subscriptions/Starred/Read items
- Recommended items
- Feed search
- Saved items
- Preferences
- Account switch

* Subscriptions
- Clean and friendly subscriptions and labels/tags management (tree structure)
- Add new subscription (Using search or direct add)
- Remove subscription
- Add/Remove labels to/from subscriptions
- Rename label/tag
- Delete a label/tag
- Search for articles in labels/tags and subscriptions

* Articles list
- Shows the articles in a list
- Filter articles: show all or new items (configure in preferences)
- Add/remove star (use swipe actions, if enabled)
- Mark as read or keep unread
- Mark multiple as read (All items/older than a day/older than a week/older than two weeks)
- Search for articles
- Swipe actions (set in preferences)
- Read It Later support
* Recommended items
- Personalized by Google
- Subscribe to interesting feeds from here
- Express your interest (interested/not interested actions) to help Google fine tune the results

* Article (full) view
- Better mobile readability and user experience (horizontal scrolling is not necessary for most articles)
- Navigate between articles using Nav bar, Swipe or Volume key: set in preferences
- One click add/remove star
- One click Keep-unread/Mark as read
- Share in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Email or SMS
- Add to Read It Later
- Mobilize original article (powered by Google/Instapaper)
- View original article in browser (long click the rss/browser action for more options)
- Open any internal links within the in-app mobilizer (no need to leave the app)
- Save article (rss or mobilized) for offline reading
- listen to podcasts or download for later use
- Support for video playback (enable plugins in preferences)

* Saved items
- a list of saved (in sd card) articles
- listen to downloaded podcasts
* Home screen Widget
- Shows unread count
- Refresh interval can be configured
- Does not update when the phone is in stand by (save battery power when screen is off)

* Set clear cache on exit (preferences) to save SD card space

* And many more

What's in this version:
* Added new action mark visible items as read in article list.
* Fixed rendering of right to left language text in article list.
* Bottom action bar is not visible in landscape mode. Actions are available in top bar instead.
* Preference to set article view to load in full screen.
* More adjustments for swipe sensitivity in preference.
* More UI tweaks/changes
* Bug fixes

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