Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Simple Calendar Pro v2.0.5 (Paid Version) Android Apk App Download

Simple Calendar Pro v2.0.5

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Simple Calendar Pro is a lightweight and sleek widget for viewing upcoming calendar events.

This widget allows users to seek through several pages of events, so your not only looking at just a few!

Feature list:
*Multiple widget sizes (4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x3)
*Pages through events
*Adjustable background colors, transparency, and style (rounded or squared)
*Ability to choose the number of events shown, and displayed per page
*Ability to choose horizontal or vertical layouts
*Ability to format time and date to user's liking
*Ability to change text size, color, and style
*Ability to select which calendars are shown
*Ability to group events (vertical layout only)
*Several options for how events and dates are displayed
*Open calendar on event press (some phones)
*Users can request features and report bugs
*Better support for custom home launchers

How to use:
Simple Calendar Pro must be added as a widget by going to the home screen and selecting menu-->add-->widgets and then the size of your choice. After selecting a widget, you will be prompted with some configuration settings. After making setting changes, the widget may not have the correct number of events shown. There might be extra space, or events might be hanging off the bottom. This is easy to fix. You can adjust the fonts and number of rows to fit within the widget. Now when changing between portrait and landscape the events will be formatted with the correct number. This might need a couple tries to get right.

Like the old look?
Try setting the background to rounded, adding today's date, and using a horizontal layout!

If you have any problems please send a log report from the settings menu. The newest version bas been successfully tested on Bionic, Thunderbolt, and Incredible, but if you run into problems please let us know what phone and rom you're running.

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