Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

WiFi Ad Hoc enabler v1.8.4

 WiFi Ad Hoc enabler v1.8.4
This application enables WiFi Ad Hoc mode.
Reported to work on:
Samung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510, GT-P7500
Samsung GT-I9100 * (Samsung Galaxy S2)
Samsung GT-I9000 *
Vivo 1 *
HTC Desire *
Droid *
* Requires “Disable Compatibility Check” in settings menu
Disable compatibility check on devices not listed and report your findings on at
- Enable WiFi Ad Hoc mode (and keep infrastructure)
- Restore original settings
- Fix WiFi permission issues
- Root Access (Superuser)
- BusyBox
- No WiFi signal strength visible in taskbar
Use at your own risk! Even though I have tested this app on various roms I don’t take any responsibility for bricked devices. It is advised to create a rom backup before using this tool.

What’s in this version:
It was fun working on this app, but it has proven to be difficult to make something that enables Ad Hoc on a wide spectrum of Android devices. Therefor I will no longer be updating the application and will remove the “report to developer” option.
Thanks for all the feedback.

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pixel WiFi Ad Hoc enabler v1.8.4