Senin, 12 Maret 2012

reddit is fun golden platinum v2.0.1

Icon by choofins. Additional icons by Matt K.

**REPLACE your existing widgets to FIX CRASHES!**

* INTERNET – The Internet
* BOOT – to restore mail notifications on device boot
* EXTERNAL STORAGE – thumbnail caching

What’s in this version:
New Permissions:
EXTERNAL STORAGE – for thumbnail caching
Tablet optimization (PRO)
Widget shows different color for visited links (PRO)
Store saved drafts for replies and messages (PRO)
ActionBarSherlock 3.5.1
Saved posts
Improved subreddit management and filtering
Comment navigation buttons
Fully featured inbox
Fixed mail notifications
Added many features for user profiles
Got rid of many dialogs
2.0.1: bugfixes (see in-app Changelog)

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pixel reddit is fun golden platinum v2.0.1