Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

CubeSieger v1.0

From Japan!! For fans of abstract strategy board games like Chess and Reversi
Anyone who learns its simple rules can enjoy this game.
The player can enjoy the sense of the virtual game board set before them.
With a bit of free time, how about some profound thinking?

The rules are easy.
1: One player moves one piece.
2: This player places a cube on the board.
3: The second player moves their piece.
4: The second player places their cube.

The player’s piece can move up on top of one layer of stacked cubes at a time.
One cannot move atop the third layer of cubes.
A player’s piece cannot descend.

The above is played out on a board configured into 6×6 positions for pieces to be moved
and cubes to be placed, wherein the players take turns and try to corner the opponent
and win if an opponent’s piece is rendered immobile.
Three dimensional thinking is important.

Brain Training (in CubeSieger)
Like Chess or Checkers, CubeSieger can be enjoyed in a short amount of free time.
Includes 202 challenges.

Network play is also available
Opponents can be sought out via Internet (Wi-Fi) .
OpenFeint interactive(Leaderboards/Achievements)

Building Blocks Mode
Rewarded cubes acquired through play can be stacked in this free play mode.

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