Senin, 09 April 2012

Startup Manager (Full Version) v3.5 build 20

 Startup Manager (Full Version) v3.5 build 20
Startup Manager is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use system startup entry monitor and management tool specially designed for Android smartphone. It shows you precisely what applications and processes are configured to run during system startup. To safely disable a startup entry from running at system startup, just uncheck its checkbox from Startup Manager’s entry list. Click on the entry and you can view the detailed information of this entry. Besides this you can also customize your own startup items by adding your favorite applications from the Customize tab.

Product Features:
- Master of Android system’s startup entry management
- Intelligently analyze and monitor all system startup entries (include user applications and system processes) in the background
- Safely disable any undesired application or process from auto-startup at device boot
- One click to view detailed properties for each startup entry
- Disabled startup entries are stored for future restoration
- Add your favorite applications (including 3rd party user apps or system apps) to system startup

Recent changes:
- Optimized to support full screen of tablets
- Removed trial limitation on Startup Manager free version
- Add system boot time calculation
- Add Russian language support
- User Interface improvement
- Other minor improvements

What’s in this version:
Fixed issue with restoration of disabled apps
Minor improvements

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