Selasa, 17 April 2012

Network Booster vCookiesNCream (Paid Version) Android Apk App Download

Network Booster vCookiesNCream

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Network Booster application renews the connection to cell sites, giving you better signal reception. It is the best signal booster you'll ever find in the android market

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* By downloading this application you're releasing the developer from any harm this application may do to you, to your device or to everything. Read the permissions required.

* Any issues with the application such as copyright violations and such, please contact me and I'll be glad to remove them immediately.

* If you find any offensive content, please send me and e-mail and i'll glad to remove it for you if necessary.

=========== DISCLAIMER ===========

What's in this version:
♦ (Apr 16, 2012) Algorithm improvements

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