Sabtu, 07 April 2012

LalaGBA v1.7 (Paid Version) Android Apk App Download

LalaGBA v1.7

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: LalaGBA is Game Boy Advance(GBA) emulator for android platform, It supports most of GBA games.

It can play .gba and .zip(zipped .gba) files. It has not any GBA games, please download GBA games from network

or other storage device. Recommended way is that you download games by computer first, and then copy to the SD Card. In order to make easier for operation, We used default gba bios bin file and tested in most of android device, it can work very well. if load bios file failed, please change bios file for your device only once.

Mainly features:

1. Support most of GBA games in full speed;
2. Save and load the playing game progress information freely;
3. Support virtual keyboard and trackball;
4. Support custom keyboard and shortcut setting when your phone has hardware keyboard;
5. Support Wiimote, please set Wiimote controller by "key map settings" firstly.
6. Use file explore to open game file conveniently;
7. Add and delete cheats;
8. Use screenshot to record the classical rate of progress;
9. User can change opeation by right hand or by left or in diagonal;
10. Net-play by Wifi or bluetooth.

If you want to update this application, please uninstall firstly then install it again.

How to add cheat code?

The cheat format is hex, Just support 3 type currently, the format is 02000000:12 , 02000000:3412 and 02025924:000F423F .

e.g. If you want to change money for unlimited, the code is 02025924:000F423F

if change a girl's heart number, the code is 02004359:ff

if change chicken feed, the code is 020029E8:F7CE

Please give me the 5 stars if you like it, if meet any troubles, please don't give me less than 5 stars, you can connect us or cancel this order. we think highly of your assessment. thanks.
If you meet any problems, please send email to us( ASAP.

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