Senin, 02 April 2012

Espier Browser v1.0.0

a96795a2f6wser 3.jpg Espier Browser v1.0.0

Main Features
- What You See Is What You Get bookmark management;
- Manage your favorite bookmarks, in a similar way with managing desktop applications of iPhone 4;
- Browse the opened website pages, in a similar way with browse albums of iPod;
- Navigate web pages, in a similar way with navigating web pages using safari;

Main operating methods
- Open editing mode: press and hold any icon until all icons begin to vibrate;
- In editing mode, drag the icon that you wish to move for position adjustment;
- In editing mode, tap “X” on the top left corner of the icon for delete;
- In editing mode, drag and overlap any icon to create a new folder;
- In editing mode, press and hold an icon , then filp around the phone will help to move the icon to another switched screen;
- When browsing the opened web pages, slide finger from center of the thumnail to upward, will delete that page.

What’s new in Espier Browser v1.0.0:
· Add the Back button in the settings interface
· Performance optimization for M9
· Prompts the user when fails in setting the background figure
· History when you switch the screen anyway can not click
· Fix some crash problem in some specific platform

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