Sabtu, 07 April 2012

AstroFish HD v1.0.500

AstroFish in a stunning three-dimensional (3D) underwater surroundings.

Going through the depths of marine fauna and lots of hazards and tests you are to perform the task of the research company NPCE as a chief pilot of the experimental submarine. You have to meet the giant inhabitants of the underwater world and you must to defend the interests of the company in spite of the other members of the aggressive-minded groups.

Game Features

· High-definition graphics

· Enjoy a fully three-dimensional underwater scenery

· The game uses modern technology to PhysX

· 8 game levels will make your every muscle strain

· A.I. that will learn along with you

· Two modes of complexity

· 3 Upgradeable ship option

· The optimized interface, suitable for any devices

· The minimum amount of the text, everything is clear and without prompting

· The game will give the joy, that you have been waiting for