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Android APK (2.1+): Rain Alarm OSM Pro v3.4.4

 Android APK (2.1+): Rain Alarm OSM Pro v3.4.4
Warns you against you against rain by alarms. With widget & animated radar map.
This weather app and widget are able to warn you against precipitation (like rain or snow) by an alarm. You can watch what is coming by the up-to-date radar animation. Even more convenient, the supplied widgets can help you monitor the precipitation situation without any alarms.
Useful assistant for everything outdoors like cycling, biking or hiking.
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The difference to “Rain Alarm Pro” is the background map, which is here OpenStreetMap and for the other version Google Maps.
The data used originates from governmental weather services. Works in the USA (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam), Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain (including the Balearic and the Canary Islands), Slovenia, Croatia.
EU customers: German VAT of 19% will be added
Extensions to Rain Alarm OSM:
* No advertisement
* Customizable settings
* Update interval, search radius
* Location update interval, manual location, GPS, mobile networks
* Animations interval
* Background update can be disabled
* More widget themes
* Customizable alarms
* settings for time frame, distance, strength, area, sound, vibration, notification
INTERNET – loading precipitation data
VIBRATE – alarm
CHANGE_WIFI_STATE – optionally activate Wi-Fi when no other connectivity
WAKE_LOCK – occasional background service will not be interrupted by device sleep (otherwise you might not get alarms)
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – initiate background service when device starts
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – cache will be stored on external memory to save space on internal memory
READ_PHONE_STATE – needed to generate anonymized device ID

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pixel Android APK (2.1+): Rain Alarm OSM Pro v3.4.4