Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Android APK (2.1+): FPse for android v0.11.15

FPse features the following:
-High performance
-High compatibility
-High sound quality
-Real-time save states
-Audio track emulation (using .cue files)
-Dynamically loadable Overlay Pads
-Guncon emulation
-Analog Stick emulation (using touchscreen slide)
-Compatible with G-Sensor, Touchscreen and Hardware keys
-Supports .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg and .Z disc image formats

Grab and enjoy this initial release!

A few tips to improve your gameplay experience:
-in Landscape orientation DPAD and Main 4 buttons are activated, if you want to activate all others, go in menu/input/touchscreen and select others buttons.
-Create a default configuration by setting your desired options and then selecting “Default Config Save” in the System Menu.
-CALL, BACK, VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons can be assigned as PSone buttons but can be used is not assigned.
-Guncon emulation requires the A and B buttons to be mapped to Hardware keys. By default: L3 = A and R3 = B.
-SPUSync is required for proper sound quality in certain games such as MGS and FFVII.
-Frameskip set to 50 will avoid sound stuttering on load end device or with somes games that use much CPU.

What’s in this version:
- Fixed many bugs
- New frame limiter mode for OpenGL plugin into Video menu. (seems to give better framerate…)
- Automatic download and installation of OpengL plugin from the MISC menu.
- Added Manual Frame limiter for OpenGL from MISC menu
- Optimized Memory allocation , FPse is more stable now.
- Added support for Hardwre keyboard (TF101 keyboard is supported too)
- Added support for Xperia play analog PAD , only for Android 4.x (works very well on current Beta version)
- Added native support for PS3 pad on Android 3.1 and more. (Digital buttons and Analog Stick are automatically configured)
- Added support for Joystick center Analog Stick support, all Analog Stick can be assigned from HW key assignement. (need Android 3.1 or more)
- Added new option for OpenGL plugin, called Busy fix, will avoid somes blacks screen and help somes games to start…

1. Install FPse, Don’t run
2. Install LuckyPatcher
3. Run the LuckyPatcher you need Root your phone, long press FPse, choose Remove License Verification (Auto!)
4. Enjoy.

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pixel Android APK (2.1+): FPse for android v0.11.15