Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Zombies: Cleaning of sewer v1.0

30806d6b7178699.jpg Zombies: Cleaning of sewer v1.0

Bloodthirsty zombies want human flesh …. They captured the city sewer …. And now they want to escape to the surface …. Stop the infection! Kill them all!
This first-person shooter! No sprites – only 3d! Plunge into the sinister atmosphere of the cursed dungeon!

Real 3D graphics:
Realistic modern 3D graphics. At the core – the most powerful engine Unity 3D! All modern 3D technologies are gathered together!
The deafening 3d sound:
Use the appropriate audio settings in your device and headphones for crazy results!
Hurricane gameplay:
A revolutionary blend of First Person Shooter and the Tower Defense! Do not let the damned get out of the sewer! Protect all the exits!

Play alone in the dark with headphones … And you’ll never forget!

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