Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Slider Widget – Volume & more v0.9.1

✓ control screen brightness
・ or set auto brightness (on/off)

✓ control volumes
・ ringtone volume
・ media volume
・ notification volume
・ alarm volume
・ system volume

✓ 2 input options
・ change values with the slider
・ change values with hardware (up/down – buttons)

✓ indicators show if auto brightness is on or notification and ring volumes are connected

✓ position of the slider can be changed

✓ settings
・ notification uses ring volume (on/off)
・ play confirmation sound if volume changes (on/off)

Slider Widget needs the following permissions
“WRITE_SETTINGS” – to change e.g. the screen brightness
“INTERNET” – to report bugs
“VIBRATE” – to vibrate if going into vibration mode

Recent changes:
- testing if/how update in play store works

- fixed bug
(change brightness with hardware buttons was possible if auto brightness is on)

What’s in this version:
fixed bugs
added icon to the app drawer
various colors! (to replace the green ones)
more languages: French, Spanish,…
(if you want to help translating, you can! The link to the google docs files is available at Slider Widgets google play store description)

Sources and More:


Free Download:

pixel Slider Widget Volume & more v0.9.1