Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

SafeWallet v1.1.8 Incl Desktop v2.4.2.2

 SafeWallet v1.1.8 Incl Desktop v2.4.2.2

All your passwords in one secure place. Password manager with Dropbox syncing.
SafeWallet password manager is the easiest and most secure to use way to store your passwords and sensitive information.
It makes your life easier – never remember or forget passwords again.
Access Anywhere – Is available on multiple platforms, desktop and mobile.
SafeWallet Password Manager protected you – it keeps you safe & secure.
Makes your password management a breeze.
It keeps your passwords in complete sync between all your devices – securely!
SafeWallet password manager has won awards and got great reviews.
But don’t believe us – try it for yourself!
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pixel SafeWallet v1.1.8 Incl Desktop v2.4.2.2