Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Kainy v1.03

- About 100 Preset Templates for Controls and UI.
- Up to 60 fps.
- Customize your Interfaces (Buttons and Controls).
- Apply your Custom Pages (Interfaces) for each of your Games/Applications.
- Use Accelerometer to control your Games.
- Support Fullscreen, Sounds, Bluetooth Keyboard…
- Authentication/Data encryption in 128 bits.

What’s in this version:
Support Xperia Play Mapping Buttons (Cross/Circle).
Added an option to display the controller’s outline instead of the image (more discrete).
Bug Fixing (Black screen)
Bug Fixing (Crash when it starts).
Bug Fixing (Out Of Memory).
Bug Fixing (Crash when you close).
Bug Fixing (Keep Data/Settings when app is updated)

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pixel Kainy v1.03