Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

HikiPlayer Pro v1.1.3

 HikiPlayer Pro v1.1.3
– Equalizer (for Android 2.3 and higher)
– Local lyrics search by tag
– Customizable text, background, icon color

Customizable font, icon, seekbar size
Auto-color mode (set colors based on album art image)
СUE sheet support (if your device supports FLAC, APE etc.)
Embedded and external album art (cover.jpg, front.jpg etc.)
Video playback (codecs supported by device)
Supports subtitles (.srt)
Last.fm scrobbling
Playlist shuffle
Supports headset buttons
Decrease the volume on phone call
Home screen widget
File operations
Text viewer
Image viewer

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Free Download: Released by chathu_ac

pixel HikiPlayer Pro v1.1.3