Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Galaxy Wars Tower Defense v1.7.7

* Stunning Graphics, Particle Effects and Animations.
* Super big maps with the resolution of 1380×900 and 1720×1080!
* 5 maps with three levels of difficulty(coming more).
* Interactive terrain with open path.
* 6 Types of Towers with 3 Upgrade Levels Each.
* 3 game modes: Classic, Extended & Endless.
* Use two fingers to zoom in battle field.
* Weapons shop and achievements make game more interesting to play in a long time.

What’s in this version: v1.7.6 – 47 – 3.8.2012
2.1.Add unlimited free reward points(from TapJoy) by downloading apps.(The READ_PHONE_STATE is used by TapJoy to send you the pts)
3.2.Your 5 star rating keeps us motivated to produce upcoming updates to make Galaxy Wars even better!

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