Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

AttackWave v1.12

100% Real Fan-Comments:
One word to describe this game………AMAZING @Stephanie
Simple, speedy, and controls well @Tom
Love this game. This is exactly like geometry wars. This is a wonderful game! @david
Amazing. Super retro space shooter @j
Awesome game and graphics!! Great game play! @ramz

Are you tired of playing Wordfeud with the family?
Do you like old school 2d shoot’em ups like:
Robotron 2084, Geometry wars, Mini Squadron, Pew Pew, Grid Wars, Space War, Invaders corruption, Alien Invasion, Radiant, Gun Bros , Space Invaders, Shoot em up from Kenta Cho and other top-down arcade shooter games in space.

Then get ready for some intense retro space shooting!

High fps ensuring a smooth gameplay.
A dual stick control scheme that works!
Great retro game graphics and particle effects.
A great trance soundtrack by Daniel J Bijl.
Plays great on tablets.

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