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Android Programming Reference v2.5

Android Programming Reference v2.5
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Overview: App offers quizzes, tutorials and flashcards to help you learn Android Programming
 Android Programming Reference v2.5
Includes following tutorials:
Android Programming Basics,
Java Introduction,
Android Activity Life Cycle,
Android Manifest XML File,
Android Application Development,
Android Programming Architecture,
Android SDK,
Android SDK Installation,
Android Development with Eclipse,
Android Package Index I,
Android Package Index II,
Android Package Index III,
Android Package Index IV,
Android UI,
Android Hello World Program,
Android Resources,
Data Storage I,
Data Storage II,
Android API Levels.

Includes following quizzes:
Quiz on Android Programming Basics,
Quiz on Java Introduction,
Quiz on Data Storage and Debugging.

Includes following flash cards:
Flash cards on Android Programming Basics,
Flash cards on Android Packages,
Flash cards on Android Resources and Key Attributes.

Our Vision: Provide on-the-go references that enable our customers to refer, learn and remember; easy to learn, more engaging and most complete.
Our Mission: A RealSimpleEDU app in every pocket.

What’s New:
Added flashcards and updated tutorials and quizzes based on Customer feedback.

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