Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Writepad Stylus 2 beta 9-17 (Paid Version) Android Apk App Download

Writepad Stylus 2 beta 9-17

Requires Android 3.0 Tablet!

Writepad is made specifically for stylus handwriting on a tablet. Useful for math and science classes where typing isn't an option!


Smooth writing experience: no lag and no jitter between the stylus movement and the screen response.

Smart palm detection. Only records the writing from your stylus, not your hand.

Export page and notebook: share the page as PNG file to any app (such as Evernote). Export the whole notebook as a zip file or PDF file.

Paper type: comes with four familiar paper types.

Stylus calibration: Instead of drawing where the stylus touches the screen, it will draw where you *think* the stylus tip is. Good for those thicker tip styluses.

Create and manage multiple notebooks. Just tap the icon in the upper left corner.

New features:

* Flip view. Are you accidentally hitting the android system menu all the time? I am. Now you can flip the tablet over!

* Custom pen color / size / transparency.

* Pretty icons!

* Bigger eraser size. You can change size of eraser using the "style" menu.

* Lasso erase. Draw a closed path to erase everything inside it.

* Typing mode. Click the T icon to start typing. Click again to go back to writing mode. If you have a physical keyboard you can keep typing while in writing mode. (Note: the text will not export to PDF or any other format yet. still working on it.)

* Import images from SD card. You can resize the image by dragging on the lower left corner.

* Import from web. Use the mini browser to go to the site you want, then hit OK to import it to your page. Then you can draw on it. (The zooming is weird right now)

* Auto-scroll button. Located above the zoom button - this will automatically scroll from left to right, and then to the next line. Useful for those who like to write while zoomed in. You can hold down the button and reposition it to wherever you like.

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