Senin, 27 Februari 2012

WiFi Tethering v2.1.4

 WiFi Tethering v2.1.4
WiFi HotSpot Tether (Ad-hoc mode, AP where available), Bluetooth
Share your 3G/4G Internet connection with Windo ws, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, PS3, Wii, Xbox. No tether fees.
Requires root access on the device! See here for more details:
Open Garden Foundation

“You are the network!”

What’s in this version:
2.1.4 Changelog:
added slider and checkbox to hide Community display
If you have AvG installed, you may need to add a rule for this application. AvG has a false positive for apps which require root access.

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pixel WiFi Tethering v2.1.4