Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Whiteboard Pro v1.5.4.1

 Whiteboard Pro v1.5.4.1
Simple. Powerful. Easy to use. The best whiteboard app on Android!
Jot down ideas, sketch plans, or just doodle! Draw shapes and erase them just like a real whiteboard. Add detail to your drawing using pan and zoom. The simple toolbar interface is a snap to use and makes drawing quick and easy.
Share your work via email, picture message (MMS), bluetooth, Evernote, Catch, etc. Export you drawings to PNG, JPG, or SVG.
Features include:
• 4 shapes (freehand, line, rectangle, circle)
• 4 colors (black, red, green, blue)
• 3 line widths (fine, medium, broad)
• pan and zoom
• save, open, and delete files
• infinite undo
• share and export
Designed for Android 3.x (Honeycomb) Tablets, but works equally well on Smart Phones.
Let us know what features are important to YOU!

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