Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner v5.0.4

 ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner v5.0.4

The original barcode scanner for Android. Find the best online and local prices.
The 5.0 version our our scanner includes ShopSavvy Wallet. Just add your credit card and you can buy with one ‘slide’ from top retailers like Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble.
The original barcode scanner on Android. Aim the camera at any product’s barcode, wait for the beep and ShopSavvy will provide you with a list of online and local prices.
Gizmodo: “This is one of the best barcode apps for Android.”
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Recent changes:
- Fixed a bug users were experiencing with login
- Better local prices.
- Cheapest shopsavvy wallet items are now at the top of the online prices tab
- User action shots! Click the button on the bottom right of a product screen to add a picture of you doing something awesome with your favorite product

What’s new in ShopSavvy 5.0.4:
· Fixed a bug with the deals page

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