Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Journal – Orange Diary v1.34

. Background colors
. Font
. Date/time format
. Text color
. Text size

Import & Export
. Import from SD card
. Import from Google Docs
. Export to Email/Text
. Export to Google Docs
. Export to Google Calendar (individual entry)
. Export to Google Blogger (individual entry)

Backup & Restore
. Scheduled backup
. data transfer
. Passcode lock
. Simple task list
. Simple expense list

What’s in this version:
. Added Icon filter bar
. Fix bug in simple expense list
. Added “Add” button in tag update dialog
. Added entry title display in Calendar screen.
. Added list type setting for main screen.
. Added AND or OR option in tag search option.
. Added more weather icons
. Added multiple item update feature in expense list

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pixel Journal Orange Diary v1.34