Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Glass Widgets Full v1.9.0

* Glass Clock Widget (with weather)
* Glass Calendar Widget
* Glass News Widget (RSS feeds)

They are designed to provide you with the most important information at a glance, yet still allow you to enjoy the sight of your (Live-) wallpaper. Less is more icon wink Glass Widgets Full v1.9.0

Full version include:

- Adjust Background Color (and transparency)
- Adjust Text Color (and transparency)

What’s in this version:
More efficient use of cache when Android re-starts the widgets after killing it temporarily
Fixed a calendar time zone bug
New icon, to match the ICS version
Fixed custom background color bug for the paid version of the All-In-One Widget. Sorry about that!
Background updates no longer clears cache
Removed ‘auto-reset’ and the ‘scroll by page’ feature from the calendar. Also, it is no longer possible to scroll the calendar backwards from ‘now’ to ‘next year’

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pixel Glass Widgets Full v1.9.0