Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

End It All v1.0

There’s lots of reasons to die. Get fired off the work site? Rough night for our lady of the evening? That whole overthrowing a deity business not work out? Well, you’ve got the solution, and you can have a blast when you End It All.
Just read about how awesome dying can be.
- Full rag-doll physics, lets you wreck your body all the way to the end in the most entertaining way possible.
- Interactive environments, allows you destroy parts of the world on your way down just using the power of gravity…and your mangled corpse.
- Death by touch or tilt, accessible to your taste in play.
- Randomized levels, let you play over and again and never the same game twice.
- Three ways to play, from a bad day a the construction site, to a hard night as a working girl, and the aftermath of challenging the Almighty, you choose what life to end.
- Keep score, and see how much you can up the destruction every time you play.
I hope you have fun, right up until the end. See below for additional notes.

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